Campus Carriers PLUS

With Campus Carriers PLUS added to your reservation you'll receive all of these additional benefits:

1. Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery OR 1-hour pick up/delivery windows

Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery is the option of having your belongings picked or delivered without you being present at eligible residence halls. Campus Carriers will work with Residence Life to access rooms and retrieve or deliver student belongings. In the event that university policies or procedures change, and Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery is no longer a possibility, PLUS customers will automatically revert to the benefit of a 1-hour pick up/delivery window.

For residence halls where Post-Pickup is not available, instead of the normal three-hour pick up/delivery window that we provide you, we will schedule you a more specific 1-hour window within your Date/Time selection. This means less time that you need to wait in your room for us.

2. Increased maximum insurance

PLUS customers will receive the opportunity to increase their maximum coverage to a total of $2000.

3. Preferred date/time selections

There are often a few days and times that are in high demand for pick up and delivery. If there are any preferred Date/Time selections, they will be offered first to all PLUS customers.

4. Additional packing supplies

PLUS customers who order the Five Box Starter package will receive an additional roll of packing tape for FREE and PLUS customers who order individual Boxes will receive one FREE roll of packing tape.

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Campus Carriers Packing Tips and Instructions

These Packing Tips and Instructions are part of the Terms and Conditions and the Campus Carriers Reservation Process to which all three are collectively, the "Agreement". It is imperative that these Tips and Instructions are understood and adhered to and to avoid fees/penalties and/or refusal of service/forced cancellation and/or denial of damage or lost item claims. Boxes Provided by Campus Carriers

  • Boxes are provided by Campus Carriers. Third-party boxes that are not specific containers for items in the Campus Carriers item list and Reservation Process are not permitted.
  • Boxes are 24 inches x 18 inches by 16 inches and the maximum weight is 50 lbs.

Constructing Boxes

  • High-quality packing tape must be used when sealing and constructing boxes. Please use packing tape ONLY. DO NOT use masking tape, duct tape, electrical tape, etc. as any other tape besides packing tape may result in refusal of service or denial of damage or lost item claims.
  • The two small flaps of the box must be folded in first and then the two large flaps.
  • DO NOT weave box bottoms or tops. Weaving makes the box much less stable during transport and storage.
  • Three strips of tape must be spread long-ways across the bottom of the box to keep the bottom sturdy.
  • Once packed, the top of your box must be taped, also with at least three strips of tape spread long-ways to seal the box and its contents.
  • Improperly constructed boxes or other containers or overflowing or overweight boxes or containers may be denied services and/or claims of loss or damage.

Protecting What You Pack

  • Use of bubble wrap and other filler helps limit the risk of damage to the items that you pack.
  • Wrap furniture, televisions, mini-fridges etc. sufficiently. Remember that Campus Carries is not liable for minor scratches, scuffs or dents due to typical handling.
  • Garments and clothes can be used to wrap fragile items and help protect them during moving and storage.
  • Customers who store items, namely clothes and fabrics, are often very satisfied when space saving bags are used as they allow for additional storage within boxes and protect items while in storage.
  • Eliminate the amount of empty space in your boxes to prevent items from shifting during transport and thus limiting the chance of damage.
  • Items must be clean, dry and free of dirt and dust as these factors can promote mildew growth while in storage.
  • Be careful when choosing to store gym shoes, hiking boots etc. as these items are often heavily soiled and may not store well in a dark box for the duration of summer if not very clean.

What NOT to Pack

  • Hazardous materials, explosives, firearms, flammable items, cash, high-value items, expensive jewelry, contraband, food, perishable items, soiled items and liquids cannot be stored with Campus Carriers.
  • Customers that pack any of the above mentioned items are subject to disposal of their items without refund of service fees or reimbursement/replacement of disposed items.
  • Remember that if what you pack causes any damage to another customer’s belongings, you will be held responsible for the damages.

Weight Distribution

  • To prevent boxes from breaking, avoid packing all of your heavy items in one single box.
  • Store heavier items towards the center of the box.
  • Boxes shall not weigh over 50 lbs. In order to avoid additional fees, please be sure to limit your box weight to approximately 50 lbs.
  • Boxes that are deemed overweight by Campus Carriers are subject to a 50% surcharge per box, plastic bin, safe or other such items discussed below.
  • Evenly distributing items will help prevent damage to the box as well as items within the box.
  • Boxes and other containers that are not evenly distributed or exceed the maximum allowed weight shall be denied any claims of damage and may be denied service or portions of service.

Box/Item Identification Labeling

  • At your scheduled pickup time a Campus Carriers representative will attach the proper box/item identification labels to your boxes and oversized items for identification by our Campus Carriers Team.
  • In addition to the labels Campus Carriers will affix to your boxes, be sure to write your full name and Campus Carriers Order ID on your box as well in case a label falls off during transport and storage.

Hanging Wires, Area Rugs and Mini-Fridges

  • Wrap all cables from TVs, Lamps etc. so that they do not hang. Please tape or rubber band these cables.
  • Area rugs MUST be bundled/rolled tightly and secured and be ready at the time of your scheduled Pick Up Date and Time in order for our team to take them. Please note that any non-bundled area rugs will be refused service. – See Oversized Items Packing Instructions below for additional information.
  • Mini-Fridges must be unplugged at least TWO DAYS before your scheduled Pick Up Date and Time so that they can defrost. Dry them completely BEFORE your pick up time. Please note that any wet or dirty fridges will be refused service. – See Oversized Items Packing Instructions below for additional information.

Accessories, Removable Parts and Hardware

  • Accessories including but not limited to television remotes, removable bicycle baskets or lights and any other items that may fall off of Oversized Items when being transported or while in storage must be removed and packed separately or not stored at all with Campus Carriers.
  • Hardware such as bolts, screws etc. are to be stored separately in a box or other container or not stored at all with Campus Carriers.
  • Campus Carriers is not responsible for reimbursement or any claims of loss or damage due to Accessories, Hardware or other Removable Parts that are not stored separately.

Particle Board Furniture

  • Due to the design and nature of particle board furniture, Campus Carriers is held harmless for any damage caused during moving and storage of these particular items. Unfortunately particle board furniture is not designed to move once it is built. Since particle board furniture is popular among college students, Campus Carriers will accept these items and do everything possible to avoid damage. Customers should wrap and protect particle board furniture to their best ability.


  • Campus Carriers staff will be providing service to many customers on any given day, please be aware of your scheduled Pick Up Date and Time.
  • Campus Carriers staff will not be able to wait for you to finish packing or disassembling any of your items.
  • Be certain that the items you intend to have picked up and stored by Campus Carriers can fit out of your residence hall room, through hallways, in elevators and/or down stairwells.
  • Failure to be ready to have your belongings picked up by Campus Carriers staff at your scheduled Pick Up Date and Time may result in a Missed Pick Up Fee of $100 and/or denial of service.

Oversized Items Packing Instructions and Requirements

Important: Not all Oversized Items are permitted at every university. It is important that you add the items that you plan to store to your reservation in order to be sure that the item is permitted for pick up, storage and delivery.


  • Be sure to unplug your mini-fridge at least TWO DAYS in advance in order to allow it to completely defrost before your pick up time. Any wet units will be refused service.
  • Be sure that the interior and exterior of the unit is completely clean of any food particles. Campus Carriers is not responsible for any reimbursements or damage that may occur during storage due to unclean items. Any dirty units will be refused service.
  • Wrap the cord and tape or rubber band it together so that it does not hang/drag when transported. If possible, place the cord behind the coils of the unit to prevent the cord from dragging during moving.
  • Storing items within a mini-fridge is prohibited and all items will be removed before pick up can occur.
  • Remember that if your fridge is leaking and such leaking causes damage to any other customer’s belongings, you will be held responsible for the damages.


  • Be sure that the interior and exterior of the unit is completely clean of any food particles. Campus Carriers is not responsible for any reimbursements or damages that may occur during storage due to unclean items. Any dirty units will be refused service.
  • Please be aware of the glass tray inside the microwave. This tray MUST BE packed separately or taped down securely in the microwave so that it does not move around and risk breakage. Campus Carriers is not responsible for breakage that may occur to this plate if it is not packed separately or secured sufficiently within the unit.
  • Wrap the cord and tape or rubber band it together so that it does not hang/drag when transported.


  • Must be sufficiently wrapped and protected from breakage.
  • Failure to reasonably wrap with bubble wrap, towels or other soft protective material may result in denied damage claims.
  • Make certain that any protective material is securely affixed with tape to the mirror


  • Clean the fan blades from all dirt and dust.
  • Wrap the cord up and tape or rubber band it together so that it does not hang/drag when transported.

Drafting Boards/Corkboards/Whiteboards

  • Wrap these items reasonably in a garbage bag or other plastic to avoid exposure in the event of rain etc.
  • Wrap/protect the corners of these items to avoid bent corners.
  • Maximum dimensions are 5 ft x 5ft.


  • All light bulbs must be removed from the unit before Campus Carriers will pick up any lamps.
  • Wrap the cord up and tape or rubber band it together so that it does not hang/drag when transported.

Area Rugs

  • Must be rolled and tied/taped together before Campus Carriers will pick up any area rug.
  • Please have area rugs bound sufficiently before Campus Carriers staff arrives. Items that are not ready for pick up will be refused service.
  • Be sure that area rugs have been previously vacuumed thoroughly, clean and worth storing since heavily soiled rugs can promote mildew while in storage. Overly-soiled rugs may be refused service.
  • The maximum rug size that can be stored is 8 ft. by 10 ft or 80 sq. ft.

Bean Bags

  • The maximum diameter for a standard bean bag or fuf chair is not to exceed 3 ft. in diameter or a total weight of 25lbs.
  • Bean bags should be wrapped in a garbage bag or plastic wrap to avoid dust while being transported or in storage.


  • All shelves must be removed and taped together, then placed within the unit for moving as one piece. If your reservation also includes boxes we recommend storing lose shelves in one of these boxes. Customers that do not follow this instruction risk losing shelves in which Campus Carriers will not be responsible.
  • Bookcases made of particle board are often unsatisfactory for transport. It is recommended that these items are broken down and bound together as one piece with rope or tape to transport more easily and to avoid damage.
  • That maximum bookcase height or width eligible for storage is 5 ft.

Metal Shelves

  • Must be completely disassembled and all parts must be securely bound together with zip ties which work best, high quality packing tape, or rope. Campus Carriers will not be responsible for pieces lost or damaged that were not properly bound.
  • Small pieces/hardware must be packed separately.

Televisions/Computer Monitors

  • If the original box for this item is available it is suggested that you place the TV in this box for more protection during moving and storage.
  • Televisions and Computer Monitors that are not boxed or wrapped accordingly may not qualify for damage coverage.
  • Wrap the cord up and tape or rubber band it together so that it does not hang or drag when transported.
  • The maximum television/computer monitor that can be stored must have a diagonal screen size less than or equal to 50 inches.


  • If you choose to “break-down” your futon please be sure that all pieces are taped or tied together for moving as one solid piece. Any additional pieces are subject to not being stored or additional charges.
  • Note that futons that have a cushion attached are subject to both the “Futon Frame” and “Futon Cushion” fees during the reservation process.
  • To avoid dust accumulating on futon cushions please wrap the cushion accordingly.

Couches and Sofas

  • “Sleeper sofas”, pull-outs or recliners are not permitted for storage with Campus Carriers.
  • Overly soiled couches may be refused service.
  • Couches and sofas must be able to fit out of room and apartment doors reasonably.

Mattress Pads

  • Must be rolled tightly, tied and bagged to protect from dirt and dust.
  • Must be clean. Soiled mattress pads may be denied service.

Mattresses/Beds/Bed Frames

  • Mattresses and box springs must be packed in a mattress bag to protect from potential dust and dirt during transport and storage.
  • Beds and bed frames must be broken down and bound accordingly to move as one piece reasonably.
  • All pieces must be capable of moving through room and apartment doors reasonably.
  • Note that Campus Carriers Staff will not have any tools, ability or time to break down beds.

Pillows/Stuffed Animals etc.

  • Pillows and similar items are difficult to label effectively for future identification by Campus Carriers staff, for this reason, all loose pillows must be stored separately in boxes and/or bins and should be wrapped in garbage bags for further protection.
  • Campus Carriers shall not be held responsible for any claims of loss or damage to pillows that you attempt to store as part of your futon, couch or sofa.


  • Desks acceptable for storage must not consist of anything more than four legs and a solid flat top. Anything larger must receive a custom quote and it may not be acceptable for pick up and storage services.
  • Desks must be capable of moving through room and apartment doors reasonably.


  • Dressers must be empty before they can be picked up or stored with Campus Carriers. Filled dressers will be denied service.
  • Be sure that your dresser does not exceed the maximum size (Large: Max height: 5 ft, max length: 6 ft or Small: Max height: 3 ft, max length: 4 ft).

Plastic Bins/Footlockers/Trunks

  • All bins must have a suitable lid that is secured properly and tightly.
  • If possible, tape the lid down or secure/lock container.
  • The weight limit for all plastic bins or footlockers/trunks is 50lbs.

Plastic Drawers

  • These units can have items stored within them but must be reasonably packed. Over-packing items in these units often results in damage to the structure of the unit. Be aware of weight and the fact that many units such as these come apart easily.
  • All drawers must be taped shut to prevent them from sliding open during transport.
  • Please also be sure to tape/bound this item together if there is any section that comes apart when transported.
  • The weight limit for any one set of plastic drawers is 25lbs.

Golf Clubs

  • All golf clubs must be moved within their own golf bag. Any clubs not in a bag must be taped or tied together for moving as one unit.


  • All instruments must be in a hardshell case.
  • Maximum weight is not to exceed 50lbs.
  • Maximum length for a keyboard shall not exceed 4ft.


  • All contents must be removed from the safe before being picked up.
  • Maximum dimensions are 19 inches x 14 inches x 10 inches.
  • The maximum weight of any safe is limited to 50 lbs.