Campus Carriers PLUS

With Campus Carriers PLUS added to your reservation you'll receive all of these additional benefits:

1. One-hour pick up/delivery windows

Instead of the normal three-hour pick up/delivery window that we provide you, we will schedule you a more specific ONE-hour window within your Date/Time selection. This means less time that you need to wait in your room for us.

2. Preferred date/time selections

There are often a few days and times that are in high demand for pick up and delivery. If there are any preferred Date/Time selections, they will be offered first to all PLUS customers.

3. Increased maximum insurance

PLUS customers will receive the opportunity to increase their maximum coverage to a total of $2000.

4. Priority phone and e-mail support

This provides you with a direct number (without touch-tone prompts) that directly gets you in touch with a customer service specialist. If we miss you and you leave a message you'll be first to receive a call back.

5. Additional packing supplies

PLUS customers who order the Five Box Starter package will receive an additional roll of packing tape for FREE and PLUS customers who order individual Boxes will receive one FREE roll of packing tape.

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Important information regarding SCAD Move-in 2020

Fall 2020 Quarter Delivery and Extended Storage Options

Please review the options below in detail to best understand the two available options in response to the announcement made on July 10th by SCAD regarding on-campus housing for the Fall 2020 Quarter.

Option 1: For Those Returning to Savannah for the Fall 2020 Quarter

Students that will be returning to Savannah for Fall 2020 Quarter are free to schedule their delivery and enter their delivery information.

Off-Campus Deliveries in Savannah - Students that will be living off-campus in Savannah for the Fall Quarter can choose a Delivery Date/Time by logging into their account at As detailed when placing a Summer Storage Reservation, the standard delivery period occurs just prior to the start of Fall 2020 Quarter in September. Dates and Times available for off-campus deliveries can be reviewed once logged in at

On-Campus Residents - We have coordinated with SCAD Residence Life and Housing to permit delivery to residence hall rooms without students having to be there. We will be conducting deliveries prior to the official move-in so that your belongings will be secure and waiting for you in your locked room before you arrive. All those moving on-campus for the Fall 2020 Quarter MUST login at to enter their delivery information once they have been given their room assignment.

Login and Choose a Delivery Option

Option 2: For Those NOT Returning to Savannah for the Fall 2020 Quarter - Extended Storage and Delivery at the Beginning of Future Quarters

Students not returning to SCAD for the Fall 2020 Quarter have the option of extending their storage with Campus Carriers. Extended Storage is an option that has been offered to students taking a quarter off in the past for an Extended Storage Fee of $350 per quarter. In response to these unprecedented circumstances, we will be offering Extended Storage at a heavily reduced rate (see below).

Reduced Pricing and Billing - In response to these unprecedented circumstances, we have worked closely with our storage partners and internally to offer Extended Storage at a reduced rate. Quarterly Extended Storage is available at a discounted rate of $150 per quarter. Please note that Extended Storage rates can not be prorated. Those interested in Extended Storage must login at and sign up for Extended Storage.

Billing for Extended Storage will occur approximately three weeks prior to the start of the next SCAD quarter at which time you will have the option to extend storage further or choose a Delivery Date/Time.

Future Delivery Periods for Off-Campus Residents - Delivery Date(s)/Time(s) will be available for off-campus students the week prior to the start of each future quarter (i.e. Winter 2021, Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021 etc.). Those using Extended Storage will be notified via email prior to the start of each quarter once delivery dates are available.

Future Delivery Periods for On-Campus Residents - Campus Carriers will work with SCAD Residence Life and Housing to coordinate Pre-Delivery for on-campus students the week prior to the start of each future quarter (i.e. Winter 2021, Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021 etc.). Specific details related to future Pre-Deliveries will be shared via email closer to the start of each quarter.

Login and Sign Up for Extended Storage