Campus Carriers PLUS

With Campus Carriers PLUS added to your reservation you'll receive all of these additional benefits:

1. Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery OR 1-hour pick up/delivery windows

Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery is the option of having your belongings picked or delivered without you being present at eligible residence halls. Campus Carriers will work with Residence Life to access rooms and retrieve or deliver student belongings. In the event that university policies or procedures change, and Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery is no longer a possibility, PLUS customers will automatically revert to the benefit of a 1-hour pick up/delivery window.

For residence halls where Post-Pickup is not available, instead of the normal three-hour pick up/delivery window that we provide you, we will schedule you a more specific 1-hour window within your Date/Time selection. This means less time that you need to wait in your room for us.

2. Increased maximum insurance

PLUS customers will receive the opportunity to increase their maximum coverage to a total of $2000.

3. Preferred date/time selections

There are often a few days and times that are in high demand for pick up and delivery. If there are any preferred Date/Time selections, they will be offered first to all PLUS customers.

4. Additional packing supplies

PLUS customers who order the Five Box Starter package will receive an additional roll of packing tape for FREE and PLUS customers who order individual Boxes will receive one FREE roll of packing tape.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Campus Carriers?

Campus Carriers is a service for students that makes the moving and summer storage process easy and affordable. Students registered with Campus Carriers will have their belongings picked up from their residence hall room, stored for the summer, and delivered to their new address, on or off campus, before the start of the quarter they return.

What services are offered?

Campus Carriers provides packing materials, pick up of belongings directly from residence hall rooms, storage for the duration of the summer (or longer) as well as delivery to the student’s new location on or off campus. Many students will begin with our Five Box Starter package starting them with five boxes of storage space as well as packing tape and the ability to add additional oversized items such as mini-fridges, microwaves, televisions, etc. at an additional cost. Those students looking to start from scratch and choose all of their items individually can do so as well.

I live off-campus now, can I sign-up for the Campus Carriers service?

Unfortunately, we are unable to serve students currently living off campus. However, off campus delivery is available to current campus residents should they not be returning to live on campus.

Will my belongings be insured with Campus Carriers?

Yes. At no extra cost to you, Campus Carriers insures the personal belongings of our customers for the full period of time that they are in transit and storage with us. You will indicate the total value of the items being stored with Campus Carriers during the reservation process. Total value declared may not exceed $1,500 and can be updated from your account section when you log in at the Campus Carriers website. Note that up to $2,000 of insurance is possible when you upgrade to Campus Carriers PLUS. Please review the Terms and Conditions for additional information and restrictions regarding insurance.

What does the price include?

All of our prices include boxes and packing tape distribution (if applicable), pick up of packed belongings directly from residence hall rooms, insurance, secure storage for the duration of the summer, and delivery to your new address on campus in the fall. Off-campus deliveries must be within 5 miles of campus and are assessed a fee of $25. Note that none of our pricing is a monthly fee but rather an all-inclusive price unless otherwise stated.

What can I do when logged into the Campus Carriers website?

After you have reserved space with Campus Carriers, you will be able to login and access your account using the student email address you registered with and the password you created during the registration process. From within your account, you will be able to update your service dates and times, add additional boxes, packing materials, or oversized items to your reservation, update your insurance amount, contact info, delivery information, and more.

What is Campus Carriers PLUS?

Campus Carriers PLUS is an upgraded service to your standard Campus Carriers Moving and Summer Storage Reservation. Our PLUS upgrade includes a pick up and delivery window shortened to 1 hour instead of three, preferred date and time selections, increased maximum insurance value, priority phone and e-mail support, and additional packing supplies. For more information about Campus Carriers PLUS or to add PLUS to your existing reservation, visit

Will I be refunded for unused boxes or items that I end up not storing for the summer?

Unused boxes will be taken back at the time of pick up and our staff will adjust your Pick Up Receipt. Any items that are not picked up by our staff will also be noted on your receipt. When our Billing Department receives your receipt they will issue any refunds back to your initial credit or debit card. Due to the amount of customers and the amount of changes that are often made, please allow up to 30 days from the end of finals week to see any credits to your credit or debit card. If you have any questions regarding refunds please e-mail

Reserving Space

Can I add to my reservation after it is placed?

Yes. You can add additional boxes and oversized items to your reservation by logging into your account at the Campus Carriers website.

Can I change my service dates and times?

Yes. Service dates and times selected during the reservation process can be modified from within your account section of the website. Dates and times may be modified up until 7 days prior to your most recently selected date and time. Please note that dates and times may become unavailable as they fill up.

What happens if I reserve the Five Box Starter package and discover I don't need as many boxes?

No problem. Use as many boxes as you need and if it ends up being less than what you reserved, we'll refund you the difference between what you paid and what the cost would have been had you reserved less. The same goes for oversized items. You will only ultimately pay for the items that we pick up and store. Your reservation is adjusted at the time of your pick up and billed or refunded accordingly.

What forms of payment are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover credit cards are all accepted.

When am I charged for the services I reserve?

All reservations will be processed at the completion of the reservation process. Customers will generally see a charge on their credit card within a few days. Any necessary reservation adjustments can be made from the Campus Carriers website or by contacting Campus Carriers directly.

Is it possible to cancel my reservation?

Yes. If for any reason you would like to cancel your reservation you may do so by emailing Please note that fees for any services already rendered will not be refunded. A full refund will be applied to any reservation that is cancelled no less than 7 days prior to your pick up time.

What if I don't know yet where I'll be living next quarter?

No problem. We will not ask for your delivery information during the reservation process. Instead, during the summer we will notify you via e-mail to login at the Campus Carriers website to update your delivery information and to confirm your delivery date and time.

Packing & Pick Up

Can I use my own boxes?

Unfortunately, no. In order for us to ensure box integrity, Campus Carriers boxes must be used. However, you may pack and store suitcases, trunks, plastic bins, and storage bins as oversized items if desired.

How big are the boxes provided by Campus Carriers?

Campus Carriers boxes are 24" x 18" x 16". Each box contains 4 cubic feet of space.

When will I receive my boxes and packing materials?

You will be contacted via e-mail as move-out week approaches regarding distribution locations for packing materials if applicable to your reservation.

How do I prepare my belongings for pick up?

You are responsible for making sure that your items are ready and packed with sufficient protection. View the Packing Tips and Instructions for further information.

Is there a limit on how much my boxes can weigh?

Yes. Each box is restricted to a maximum of 50 lbs. This is to ensure the integrity of the box and the safety of our staff members. A 50% surcharge may apply to each box which exceeds the weight limit.

How are my items labeled?

Our staff labels your items at the time of pick up with pre-printed labels containing your reservation information. However, we do ask that if you are storing boxes with us that you include your name and Order ID written on each box.

What if I'm unable to be present during my selected pick up time?

You may log into your account at the Campus Carriers website to update your service dates and times to fit your schedule. If none of the dates and times work and you can not be present during your selected timeslot, you may authorize another person in advance to sign-away or accept receipt of your items. Please e-mail with the name and phone number of the individual authorized.

What if an item I need stored is not listed on the Oversized Items list?

If you have an item that is not listed, please e-mail and we will carefully consider the request and provide a quote.

Can Campus Carriers call me before they arrive to pick up my belongings?

It is required that you or someone you authorize is available at your location throughout your pick up timeslot until our staff arrives to pick up your belongings. Please be available via phone as our staff will need your assistance with accessing the building and will need you to escort them throughout the process.

Can I get a timeslot that is less than three hours?

Due to the amount of customers that we serve we do not offer less than three hour timeslots. This is to help account for environmental conditions such as traffic on campus and poor weather. However, customers that upgrade to Campus Carriers PLUS do receive a one hour pick up and delivery window as part of that upgrade. For more information regarding Campus Carriers PLUS, visit

Does Campus Carriers really pick up from my room?

Yes! We will contact you at the moment we are ready to access your residence hall via the phone number that you provide for your account. You'll just have to let us into the building and we'll take it from there.


Where will my belongings be stored?

All belongings stored with Campus Carriers are stored in a local, secure, controlled-access warehouse facility.

Is the storage facility air conditioned or climate-controlled?

For short-term storage of household goods, an air-conditioned facility is unnecessary. However, we do take important steps to ensure the safety of your belongings. Our facilities are climate regulated. What that means is that we monitor our facilities to make sure they don’t get too hot or too humid. All of our facilities have high ceilings, everything is up off of the floor and on pallets, and we use large fans to keep plenty of air flow throughout the facility.

Is there anything that I cannot store with Campus Carriers?

Hazardous materials, explosives, firearms, flammable items, cash, high-value items, expensive jewelry, contraband, food, perishable items, and liquids cannot be stored with Campus Carriers.

Can I access my items before my scheduled delivery date?

You cannot access our facility but early delivery may be arranged but is not guaranteed to be possible. A minimum of 7 - 10 days advance notice is required and an early delivery fee of no less than $150 and no more than $250 will be required for this service to help cover our costs of labor and equipment outside of our normal service times.

Can Campus Carriers store my car or other gas-powered vehicle?

Unfortunately at this time Campus Carriers does not offer moving or storage services that includes the storage of cars or other gas-powered vehicles. 

Can I extend my storage beyond the summer?

Campus Carriers does offer extended storage beyond the summer for those customers that will not be coming back to campus at the time of our official delivery period. If you will not be returning to campus please contact to learn more about the options available for extending your storage period with Campus Carriers. Please note that additional fees will apply.


When will I pick a date to receive delivery of my stored belongings?

Campus Carriers will notify you via e-mail over the summer to let you know that delivery dates are available to choose. Dates are formulated based on expected demand and are designed to facilitate a multitude of schedules.

What if I'm unable to be present for delivery of my items?

You may authorize another person in advance to accept receipt of your items by emailing from the email address your account is registered with.

I will be coming back to school early due to a sport or another organization. Will Campus Carriers deliver my items early?

Campus Carriers accounts for several special interest groups such as sports and other organizations that may be returning to campus earlier than other students. There will be several days earlier in the summer that will be official early delivery dates and will not incur an additional delivery fee. If you require a delivery outside of our normal delivery period and outside of any additional early delivery dates and times, an early delivery fee can be scheduled for an additional fee to help cover the cost of labor and equipment to make your delivery.

Can I receive my belongings early (not during an available delivery date)?

Early delivery may possibly be arranged for your belongings but is not guaranteed.. A minimum of 7 - 10 days advance notice is required and an early delivery fee of no less than $150 and no more than $250 will be required for this service to help cover our costs of labor and equipment outside of our normal service times.

Can Campus Carriers call me before they arrive to deliver my belongings?

It is required that you or someone you authorize is available at your location throughout your the delivery timeslot until our staff arrives to deliver your belongings. Please be available via phone as our staff will sometimes need your assistance with accessing the building and will need you to escort them throughout the process.

Where will Campus Carriers deliver?

Campus Carriers delivers to both on-campus and off-campus addresses. Off-campus addresses must be located within 5 miles of the university campus and are assessed a fee of $25.


Space is limited and time is running out. Not to mention, as long as you cancel 7 days before your pick up time, we’ll give you a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose.