Campus Carriers PLUS

With Campus Carriers PLUS added to your reservation you'll receive all of these additional benefits:

1. Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery OR 1-hour pick up/delivery windows

Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery is the option of having your belongings picked or delivered without you being present at eligible residence halls. Campus Carriers will work with Residence Life to access rooms and retrieve or deliver student belongings. In the event that university policies or procedures change, and Post-Pickup/Pre-Delivery is no longer a possibility, PLUS customers will automatically revert to the benefit of a 1-hour pick up/delivery window.

For residence halls where Post-Pickup is not available, instead of the normal three-hour pick up/delivery window that we provide you, we will schedule you a more specific 1-hour window within your Date/Time selection. This means less time that you need to wait in your room for us.

2. Increased maximum insurance

PLUS customers will receive the opportunity to increase their maximum coverage to a total of $2000.

3. Preferred date/time selections

There are often a few days and times that are in high demand for pick up and delivery. If there are any preferred Date/Time selections, they will be offered first to all PLUS customers.

4. Additional packing supplies

PLUS customers who order the Five Box Starter package will receive an additional roll of packing tape for FREE and PLUS customers who order individual Boxes will receive one FREE roll of packing tape.

Add Campus Carriers PLUS for $29.00
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No Commitment. Cancel up to 7 days before your pick up time.

Current Job Openings with Campus Carriers

Earn GREAT hourly pay, starting at $12/hour

This opportunity is perfect for:

  1. Anyone who is hardworking and friendly!
  2. Anyone who likes hard work and lifting heavy things.
  3. Anyone who has the ability to stay organized and on task. Dedicated to getting the job done.
  4. Anyone who has availability to work at least 4 shifts (3 hours each shift) during move-in week. You'll be able to choose the shifts that work around your schedule.

Are you a student of or live near one of the following universities?

  • SCAD Savannah
  • Georgia Tech

Looking for an opportunity to make some money before classes begin? We are currently looking for hard working and friendly individuals capable of working part-time or full-time (you make your own schedule) to assist with our move-in operations on campus.

Apply online now. It only takes about 5 minutes and the application is mobile-friendly.


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