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How It Works

Simple Online Registration

Choose the items you want to store. Your total price is calculated instantly and that’s exactly the price you’ll pay for pick up, summer-long storage and delivery.

Create your account This makes updating the items you choose to store and changing your pick up or delivery information super easy in the future.

Enter your pick up information and learn about the massive benefits of your belongings being picked up after you check out of your residence hall.

Complete your reservation and make your payment. The price you see is all-inclusive and includes pick up, summer-long storage and delivery. There are never any monthly fees with us.

We Provide Everything You'll Need

No need to hunt down boxes and packing tape. For reservations requiring it, we'll distribute 24 inch x 18 inch x 16 inch boxes and quality packing tape at a convenient location to you before final exam week begins.

Have oversized items such as plastic bins, microwaves, and mini-fridges? We provide detailed instructions and recommendations on how to prepare these items for safe transport and storage.

FREE Pick Up Right From Your Room

We work directly with the university to pick up your belongings after you check out of your residence hall. No need to wait around for us; simply prepare your items and leave them in your room.

Our team members access your room with the assistance of university staff to collect your belongings, properly inventory your items, and securely load them onto our trucks.

We handle it all. You can forget about the lines at the elevators, cramped stairwells, parking hassles and traffic. We do it all so that you don’t have to.

Local and Secure Summer-long Storage (or longer)

All of your belongings are transported to our local and secure warehouse facility for the duration of the summer (or longer).

Items are organized and entered into our warehouse management system before being placed on pallets to be stored.

Our facilities are monitored throughout the summer to insure all of your belongings remain safe and secure.

Hassle-free Delivery

Over the summer we’ll invite you to login online to enter your delivery information.

We’ll come right to your new location on or off campus. Just the same as with pick up, we’ll come right to your residence hall room or apartment.

For those moving back on campus, in most cases, we’ll coordinate with the university to deliver your belongings to your new residence hall room before you arrive.

We’ll take care of the heavy lifting. You can focus on more important things and rest assured that we’ll have all of your belongings delivered without any stress or frustration.


Space is limited and time is running out. Not to mention, as long as you cancel 7 days before your pick up time, we’ll give you a full refund. You’ve got nothing to lose.